The Multi-Sensory Balance and Gait Trainer

Portable & easy-to-use, Balance Matters® is a state-of-the-art device that incorporates sensory feedback (visual, auditory and tactile) to improve sensory processing, equilibrium strategies & gait mechanics.


Balance Matters® was designed to offer a wide variety of training options and a set-up that is easily created in the clinic and easily replicated in the home environment.  Utilizing multimodal feedback it maximizes motor learning performance outcomes.

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  • Used in all settings: inpatient clinic, outpatient clinic, home, and gyms
  • Serves as an assessment tool for measuring step length and step width
  • Targets specificity training of any or all of the sensory systems
  • Improves temporal as well as spatial parameters of gait
  • Promotes effective equilibrium strategies

Training at Home

  • Enhances motivation and confidence
  • Optimizes training with enhanced feedback features
  • Maximizes carryover of treatment from the clinic
  • Allows objective monitoring of progression

Motor Learning Optimization

  • Allows clients to problem solve and self-correct their abnormal movement patterns
  • Enables treatment to be programmed at appropriate levels of intensity and difficulty
  • Challenges clients beyond their self-selected levels
  • Auditory feedback allows simple sensory processing and promotes symmetry of gait

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When you connect the dots, you see the relationships between different things and understand the big picture. Different pieces fit together to create the whole.

We at Step and Connect want to connect the dots between balance and gait so that you can effectively address impairments and achieve optimal functional mobility.