The mission of Step and Connect is to maximize mobility and balance for people of all ages and abilities through education, involvement, and empowerment.

We educate, involve, and empower clients, medical professionals, and the community through our specialized programs, research, and innovative products to enhance balance and promote active lifestyles.

Erica DeMarch, the founder of Step and Connect and the inventor of the product, Balance Matters was inspired to match her patient’s tenacity, motivation, and drive to keep exploring new ways to improve their quality of life.

With her extensive experience as a physical therapist and deep knowledge of balance, Erica saw the need for a device that targets specific balance exercises using multi-sensory feedback that was affordable, simple and easy to use.  She did not want an overengineered device that her clients could not turn on or use conistently.

Step, receive feedback, adjust, learn and then feel more balanced with Balance Matters®. 

Learn more how Balance Matters® can help you. 

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