Balance Matters® For Health Care Providers

Balance Matters® is an evaluation and treatment system that includes a measuring tool on the mats used for the assessment of specific gait parameters, namely step length and step width. Evaluation findings can be directly transferred to treatment and be used to establish objective monitoring of progress. Multisensory feedback tests and challenges the sensory systems for balance is provided through varied textured footprints, auditory feedback, and varied foam densities. Qualified healthcare professionals assess an individual’s balance and gait to determine if the area(s) of deficits are in anticipatory postural adjustments, dynamic gait, sensory orientation, equilibrium strategies, or a combination of the above. Once the area(s) of balance dysfunction are identified, a customized objective program is created to improve balance and gait.

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See education section for more information on: Structuring Treatment Interventions Using Some Neuroplasticity Principles
Please refer to the chart below for the two types clinic systems available.

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Step and Connect offers onsite training and will be offering continuing education courses in the future. Please check the website calendar for updates on courses and presentations.

Please email us if you are interested in attending or hosting a clinical training course on Balance Matters® Systems in your location? Currently arranging training and classes in the Denver area. Please email if interested to be placed on a list for future dates and locations.

As clinical experts on balance using Balance Matters®, if you have suggestions for product development that can help improve patient care, please tell us! 

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We are always looking to expand Balance Matters® to other clinics.  If your clinic is interested in incorporating Balance Matters® as an additional clinical resource we would be happy to work with you. Please contact us.