Testimonials for Balance Matters®

My own balance improved so markedly after using the “MAT” that I was able to traverse steep cobblestone roads on a recent trip without difficulty.

Lynn Taussig M.D. Special Advisor to the Provost. University of Denver

The Balance Matters® mat grew out of the synthesis of important concepts in balance and walking. The clicking sounds engage the user, and provide meaningful feedback.  It is  lightweight, portable and can be used in many different ways in the clinic and at home. It has been a great addition to our clinical resources.

Kenda Fuller, PT South Valley Physical Therapy

As a former professional athlete I basically took my balance, coordination, and over all physical abilities for granted.  But after living with Parkinson's Disease for the last 17-years and being told once that I looked like an arthritic tin man walking down the street, I came to believe that a diminishing mobility was inevitable.  But now working with Erica and Balance Matters®  I know that is not true. Balance Matters® is a simple but ingenious apparatus that gives me immediate feedback on every aspect of my mobility.  It has allowed me to relearn how to move and walk the correct way.  Walking is no longer a chore but a freedom to be cherished.

Rick Schwartz

As a PT working in a clinic that provides treatment for both vestibular and orthopedic patients I have used the Balance Matters® mat frequently in improving my patient's outcomes with postural control, gait and body awareness. I find that the mat is very versatile across patient populations and treatment applications. I have found that depending on the way the mat is used, I can up-train either the somatosensory system or the vestibular system depending on the patient's needs. An important component of the mat for my patients is the intrinsic error/success feedback that is provided. I found this facilitates quicker and more effective motor learning. The Balance Matters® mat is user friendly and could provide a home exercise program tool that increases the specificity and accuracy of the home exercises. I believe this mat could increased compliance and success with a home exercise program leading to improved outcomes.

Lindsey Attebery PT, DPT South Valley Physical Therapy

Behind our property in Bailey there is a gorgeous two mile hike in semi- rugged terrain. it's called Rolling Creek Trail. I hiked it for twenty-something years, until it became too difficult because of balance problems and falling. I had not been on the trail for probably 6 or 7 years and was getting depressed a lot when up at the cabin because I thought I'd never hike Rolling Creek again.

Well, last Saturday I said to Sheila, my good friend for 30 years or so, "let's try Rolling Creek." She was so excited that I would even consider it that she had her hiking shoes on and was out the door in under a minute. I stood and stared at my favorite part of the wood, which we call the overlook, because you can see for miles over hills to Wellington Lake where Craig has another family cabin. I was so happy to see it again. And I talked to my walk the whole way until a couple times I felt like the old me and I was on automatic.

It was an exquisite day and I would have never had the experience without your patience and diligence over the last couple of years to find what would work with me to overcome the poor balance, pain, and rigidity caused by my amputated toe, hip replacements, Parkinson's, and RA.

And now your mat adds a new dimension to my ongoing therapy through teaching my sensory systems how to take over for the mixed and muddled signals my brain sends to my muscles (caused by my loss of dopamine inherent to PD), keeping me balanced and walking steadily. Training with the mat is giving me back my natural walk!

Betsy Vierck

Erica De March is one of the very best instructors and the single best Physical Therapist I have ever had the benefit of learning from.  She is passionately dedicated to her work.  It seems as though she must work day and night to create her routines.  Every week she brings new enthusiasm and new challenges to her classes.  And she doesn’t just demonstrate the exercises, she works with each patient to perfect the moves,, and she accommodates any problems patients may have.  She has even created her own tools, which she has tested and proven in her classes.  Balance Matters® is a fun and very workable practice tool – we stand in line in class to use it.  With her spark and smiles, she keeps us on our toes (literally) and keeps us coming back for more.  She is the ideal PT, and a warm and wonderful person as well.

Anne Green