There are physical therapists, and there are physical therapists – and then there is Erica DeMarch. I have had therapy from numerous therapists (after fusion of L5-S1, right hip and two knee replacements, mitral valve repair, and now Parkinson’s disease) and I have had the good fortune of doing most of my physical therapy for Parkinson’s with Erica.   She is in a class by herself because of her CREATIVITY.  She constantly reads and learns new ways of treating PD patients and avoids patient boredom.  Her creativity is very evident in her development of Balance Matters which, while not easy for the patient to master, is very effective improving gait and balance.  My own balance improved so markedly after using the “Mat” that I was able to traverse steep cobblestone roads on a recent trip without difficulty.  My boxing also improved. I anticipate this is only the beginning of the development of other creative approaches by Erica for the treatment of patients with a wide variety of disorders requiring physical therapy.

Lynn. Taussig. M.D. Special Advisor to the Provost. University of Denver

As an instructor and as a therapist, Erica focuses on enhancing your skills and abilities.  She combines concepts drawn from recent research with time-tested methods.  All this with an uplifting attitude.  She makes you want to be your best.


For those [of us] with Parkinson’s Disease, Erica DeMarch is an Angel. Gentle, empathetic, firm, knowledgeable, assertive, and kind. Her classes accommodate a wide range of patients. She tailors the exercises to each individual and makes play out of the serious business of fighting PD with fitness. 

Charles Lobitz Ph.D.

I believe it’s been about three years since I started attending Erica’s exercise classes.  Besides the weekly workouts, I love the opportunity to meet with other active, energetic PD men and women.  Erica’s skill and expertise and gentle persuasion have helped me stay healthy — yes, life - for me - is better with exercise.

Donna Swartzendruber

Dr. Erica DeMarch is an extremely effective physical therapist.  Erica designed a physical therapy regimen to address my particular challenges with Parkinson’s decease.  I’m confident her professionalism continues to help me manage my illness.

Mary Riffle

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 7 years ago.  I began studying the disease to determine how best to carry on a normal life.   I concluded that four things were essential:  attitude, a good doctor, the right medications, and exercise.   There is a blizzard of exercise options that are beneficial to Parkinson’s patients.  They include biking, cardio, Tai Chi, boxing, Yoga,  big and loud movement, strength training, balance, stretching, etc.   I have tried several before settling on a  few programs that work  for me.  Erica Demarch combines academic research and personal experience with keen observational skills in her sessions.  I am amazed at the way she leads a class through a routine while zeroing in on a particular individual with coaching.  In a one hour class of ten, I may get her individual attention 3 or 4 times.  Erica DeMarch' session has become the core program for me.

Fred Degiorgio

I have been attending Erica's Parkinson 's Disease (PD) exercise classes for almost 4 years.  She mixes in balance , stretching, and aerobic exercises that help with PD.  She is encouraging and supportive, as well as pushing us do more and challenge ourselves..  She also does a lot of reading on PD and incorporates new ideas into our exercises.  Erica is a great therapist.

George Boyle

When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease  (PD) the neurologist said that exercise is as important as my medications.  I have been active all my life but didn’t know what exercises are useful for someone with PD.  And where would I find someone to safely guide me through this unpredictable, chronic progressive disease? Fortunately I found Erica deMarch. She has the education and experience to develop, teach and motivate people with special needs like PD.  Depending on the class or individual she includes everything from stretching to high intensity exercises.  While Erica is sensitive to our needs, there are no chair exercises in her classes. We work hard hoping that exercise will make a difference in this disease.

Erica has that extra something that makes her special. What she teaches me is now a part of my daily life.  I am glad that I found her.

Charlotte Stall