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Making Changes...One (Sparkly) Step at a Time

By Erica Demarch - November 27, 2017

Making Changes … One (Sparkly) Step at a Time
“Fancy Nancy” is an uplifting, positive patient who has been such a pleasure to work with. She spreads sparkle wherever she goes … literally. Nancy put sparkles on her cane and sells similar ones to others to brighten their days. Just like it is with any of my patients, it was such a pleasure to see her finally reach her goal. This past week, “Fancy Nancy” walked into the clinic with a huge smile and was so excited to tell me that she had just returned from a successful trip to New Mexico with a friend, where she enjoyed hiking, walking, visiting all the galleries and dining out. She’s now planning a trip to Las Vegas with her son to see a show.  
Just a few months prior to this day, Nancy told me that she needs to stop traveling, something that she truly loves, due to her Parkinson's disease. Determined to get her back to her passion, we sat down and worked on a plan together to make sure that she could travel again.  While I was at a conference speaking, I received an email from her asking me to please call her ASAP. Nervous that something had happened, I contacted her immediately. I was so relieved to hear that she was calling because she wanted to tell me personally that she had just booked a trip; she was so excited and so proud. I am thrilled that this trip was such a success, and that she feels confident enough to book another one.
“Fancy Nancy” may think that I have given her a gift by helping her return to her passion. Sure, I may have helped to push her toward her goal, but I hope she realizes that the gift she has given me is equally as wonderful. Not only did she brighten my day every time she came for an appointment, her positivity and drive – and in turn – success, pushes me to keep going. I ventured into starting my own company and developed a product (Balance Matters) in hopes of improving people's balance. We are currently working on researching an approach, and there are definitely days where I need to turn to my patients for that extra push. These success stories and my determined patients help me continue to move forward so they can all reach their individual goals and enjoy life.
I hope this story inspires both patients and other health care professionals as much as “Fancy Nancy” has inspired me. Keep pushing forward and never give up on the big picture while taking the small steps necessary to reach your success.
Pleased to be keeping you “balanced” -
P.S. If you’d like more information on “Fancy Nancy’s” sparkly canes, please email Nancy at