How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)

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  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)
  • How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)

How Do You Balance Like That? (Hardcover)

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Are you ready for an adventure to explore BALANCE?
Join two girls at the zoo with a cat as their guide,
meet some animal friends and explore how they move and BALANCE! 

You’ll learn how balance (which helps you walk, run, jump and play) gets you through the day! How does the seal balance a ball on his nose or the cheetah run so fast and still focus on a gazelle? Each animal you meet teaches important balance concepts and then leads you into playful movements as you practice using your vision, proprioception and vestibular system
(don’t worry, the cheetah will explain that one)! 
This interactive picture book, written by a physical therapist who specializes in balance, is filled with fun facts and activities that are great for toddlers, preschoolers and early readers, and helps kids learn and practice balance in a simple and engaging way. Parents, grandparents and teachers will also love practicing the various skills.
Read to learn more and have fun exploring balance …
Do you know the benefits of balance?
Balance is the foundation for gross motor development and can be a predictor of athletic ability.
Research shows there are many benefits on working to improve coordination and balance skills in children, as it can also sharpen attention and learning skills.
    Are you looking for more activities to get your child moving and understanding their body?

    This book is also for parents, grandparents and teachers that have asked Erica questions on how to incorporate balance exercises with their children and help empower them to never give up on activities they may learn to love.  At the end of the book fun facts and activities are included. Each concept can be elaborated in the classroom or home (i.e. mountain goat’s hooves are like suction cups… The science concepts of friction, walking on ice vs rocks…)

    Do you want your child to learn about science and how it applies to everyday life?
    Important questions and answers are included that teachers/parents can discuss (i.e what type of shoes do I wear to prevent me from slipping?) so children can start applying it in everyday activities. 

    About the author:

    Erica DeMarch

    Erica DeMarch was inspired to write a children’s book when her daughters wanted to skip the part of their gymnastics class that required walking on the high balance beam. As a physical therapist with extensive experience in neurological and vestibular/balance rehabilitation, she was able to provide them with tips to help calm their fears, and tools to improve their balance skills.

    She has seen so many adults who have had falls and balance has changed their lives, but they feel empowered once they are provided the tools and exercises to regain their balance and confidence and wants the same for children.

    About the illustrator:

    Elizabeth Hixon

    Midwest born and an alumnus of Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Elizabeth Hixon is a Denver-based artist and nanny who values movement, curiosity and play to inspire creativity.


    About the Song:  

    Music/Lyrics by Lynn Portas

    Animal Voice Over by Maria Gentile

    Lynn Portas

    Lynn is the sole creator, composer performer of the musical texting app called Emusi, which is available on Apple and Android devices. As a critically acclaimed New York composer, she continues working  musical theater, in film scoring, and performs as a pianist/singer nightly. Her original musical theater scores include Missing Person, 108 Waverly, The First Time, and Our Time. She was musical director for ten years during the Broadway hit Tony and Tina’s Wedding; Off-Broadway shows Totally Tubular Time Machine and Finnegan’s Farewell. As a mother of four, she has written and performed several albums for children, Same Old Lunch, Only Boloney, Are We There Yet and Blah Day, as well as children’s musicals - Penelope the Tooth Fairy, A Boy and His Dog, and You Gotta Believe.
    Lynn was a member of the BMI Lehman Engle Musical Theater Workshop and a chosen composer for the ASCAP Musical Theater Workshops in New York.

    She currently lives in Long Island, N.Y wither husband Joseph Brennan

     Maria Gentile

    As a comedienne and actress, Maria spent several years in the Off- Broadway show "Tony and Tina's Wedding". She is a writer of a variety of comedy shows, "The B Is Broke", "The B Don't Come Here Any More" & "The B Is Back On Line" which played to sold out audience at the Duplex Cabaret Theater.
    Maria Has been working at The Duplex Piano Bar as a singer for over twenty years. She is the recipient of the MAC 2013 Piano Bar Entertainer of the Year. She also continues to work in the commercial and voice over industry. Maria is the host of a weekly radio program called “What’s the Story with Maria” every Tuesday evenings airing on Armed Radio, I-Heart Radio and Facebook Live.
    As a drama teacher and coach,  Maria worked in social services in Brooklyn, the Center for Family life, where she taught improvisation, acting, vocal and creative writing, She also wrote original music for all their shows As of 2009 Maria has been teaching at the Mayo performing Arts Center, School of Performing Arts in Morristown N.J.

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    Designed by a physical therapist on a mission to help balance “click”


    Infusing the most current research into practical applications and exercises


    Providing new, fun and engaging ways to connect people with balance