Linda Kraut

"When I am tired, I can hear the click-click from the exercises using Balance Matters, reminding me to return back to my natural ‘good’ walk.  It’s important for me to keep up with my grandchildren."

Lynn. Taussig. M.D. Special Advisor to the Provost. University of Denver

"There are physical therapists, and there are physical therapists – and then there is Erica DeMarch.  She is in a class by herself because of her CREATIVITY.  She constantly reads and learns new ways of treating PD patients and avoids patient boredom.  Her creativity is very evident in her development of Balance Matters which, while not easy for the patient to master, is very effective improving gait and balance.  My own balance improved so markedly after using the “Mat” that I was able to traverse steep cobblestone roads on a recent trip without difficulty.  My boxing also improved. I anticipate this is only the beginning of the development of other creative approaches by Erica for the treatment of patients with a wide variety of disorders requiring physical therapy."

Dr. Meredith Roberts Lo, DPT Roberts Empowered Movement Center

“The Balance Matters system allows me to train my clients at a high intensity, providing them the feedback they require to achieve their highest goals.  The system is easy and convenient and travels well.  Above all it creates a fun activity that engages and motivates my clients to do and achieve more.  Thank you, Erica for a great product that gets what the client and therapist need."

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