Learn new Balance Matters exercises each month!   We provide video examples with tips and cues to improve performance, exercise progressions and creative fun ways to incorporate it within individual or group sessions.

May- Agility drills 

More Agility drills, resources and articles coming soon!

April- Springing through the doorway

Priming exercise to improve step length and gait speed.  

  • Doorframe: Vertical reference for trunk and hip alignment.  Hip moves through the doorframe.
  • Auditory footpads- Cue for foot position (step length and width) and to increase speed of push off! 
  • Videos on how to do the exercise, client examples and a fun doorway circuit! 

Click HERE for more tips and progressions for this exercise. 

Download Handout Here

March- Stepping Trio Exercise

  1. Stepping to walk

  2. Stepping to catch yourself from a trip.

  3. Stepping to pick up an object.


 Click HERE for more tips and progressions for this exercise.