You are now eligible to receive a key component of the Balance Matters System!

We offer you an array of FREE exercises, handouts, videos and step-by-step guides to help you best meet the goals of your patients or your individual goals.
We will have additional exercise packs and training modules that you can purchase on our website as additional ways to utilize your Balance Matters System. 

To help get you started

CLICK HERE to download the following FREE Handouts: 

To Balance you Need to Connect the Dots 
Find the “Goldilocks zone”- Rate of Perceived Stability
Add the “just right” Combination of Difficulty Worksheet
Goal/Tracking Worksheet

CLICK to view FREE Handouts and Video Demonstrations of the 3  Introductory Balance Matters Exercise Bundle:

  1. Rock On
  2. Swinging Stride
  3. Float on Foam

Coming soon additional balance exercises options available for purchase: 

Balance Matters Exercise Pack: Exercise Handouts, Video demonstrations with progressions

Balance Matters Exercise Bundle:  A group of Exercise Packs

Balance Matters Exercise Module:

  • Explanation and education on balance concepts with supporting up-to-date research references and handouts
  • Exercise handouts with progressions, modifications, tips and cues how to use feedback
  • Tracking forms and ICF model goal worksheet
  • Video demonstrations of assessments and exercises with progressions

Exercise modules will address multiple areas.

  1. Biomechanical constraints (strength, range of motion, limits of stability)
  2. Movement strategies (reactive, anticipatory, and voluntary)
  3. Sensory strategies (sensory integration and reweighting)
  4. Orientation in space (perception, gravity, vision, and verticality),
  5. Control of dynamics ( gait and proactive)
  6. Cognitive processing (attention and executive functions)

We will also be offering special modules such as music therapy that reviews recommended songs and use of the metronome that go along with exercises and specialized modules for specific populations (i.e. Parkinson’s Disease, Oncology, Amputee…)