Philosophy of Clinical Care

Erica's philosophy of clinical care is that people move better when they understand their bodies and exercise prescription must be based on evidence. Her approach to exercise is teaching clients how exercise connects to their function and goals.  She strives to help clients of all ages understand their bodies and know what exercises regimens are best for them in order to proactively prevent injury and/or improve function. She believes clients should be referred to physical therapy before problems with balance arise. She believes wellness exams should become normal practice where posture, strength, flexibility, neuromotor (balance, coordination, agility), and aerobic capacity are assessed. 
She emphasizes optimism to all her clients by encouraging them to focus on how they want to feel instead of how they don't want to feel. Rather than thinking, “I don't want to fall” she suggests for clients instead to think, “I am strong and balanced”.  By simply changing words and thoughts to be positive during exercise, clients begin to feel a greater sense of mobility, agility, and balance!  
Erica is interested in incorporating sensorimotor exercises and in how feedback, cues and verbal instructions can change how people move and balance.