Springing through the Doorway



    Priming exercise to improve step length and gait speed.  

    • Doorframe: Vertical reference for trunk and hip alignment.  Hip moves through the doorframe.
    • Auditory footpads- Cue for foot position (step length and width) and to increase speed of push off! 
    • Videos on how to do the exercise, client examples and a fun doorway circuit! 

    Importance of Push Off

    "For they are moved not by the foot which they put in front, but by that which they step off." (Aristotle)

    The role of push off during gait:

    1. Accelerating or redirecting the body's center of mass during step-to-step transition.
    2. Facilitate/powers leg swing (over the 2nd half of push off).


    The Relationship between Leg Extension Angle at Late Stance and Knee Flexion Angle at Swing Phase during Gait in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
    A unified perspective on ankle push-off in human walking
    Effects of Horizontal Impeding Force Gait Training on Older Adult Push-Off Intensity
    • Try the exercises below with a resistance band at the waist to provide a horizontal force.
    • Place mat on a ramp or incline while performing the same exercise to increase forces.