• Do you feel like the same balance exercises aren’t getting you the results/outcomes/carryover your clients need?

  • Are you looking for new ideas to engage your clients and make balance training more fun and increase customer satisfaction?

  • Do you want to increase your confidence and competency treating balance disorders?

  • Are you too busy to stay current in the balance research?

We are here to help you better serve your clients and expand your toolbox for falls prevention and incorporate balance training into your programs.  It’s not a one size fits all so you need the education to figure out the best exercises and then the tools to execute them.

Save time and gain access to the most current balance research translated to clinical applications.
Learn from experts in the field through our podcast.
Discover new creative balance exercises you can start  implementing today.
Learn beyond the balance basics though our continuing education courses.

    Our Educational Offerings

    • Continuing Education Courses – contact us if you are interested in hosting a course.
    • Podcast (coming soon): Balance Matters - A Neuro Physical Therapist’s Journey to Make “Sense” of Balance: Tips, Resources, Exercises and Clinical Applications
      • Erica DeMarch, physical therapist, talks with various experts about the balance systems, falls prevention and best practices based on the most current evidence. On this podcast, Erica interviews leading minds in medicine, health and wellness to give you up-to-date information on balance and tips, innovation and exercises to implement into your practice. Erica provides opportunities for growth of knowledge to empower health care professionals and individuals and translate the most current research into practical, clinical examples that you can start implementing right away.