Step and Connect brings science, engagement, and practicality into your rehab or wellness programs!

We provide private consultations to individuals, specialized PD group exercise classes and offer workshops/consultations to teachers, clinicians, trainers and organizations to help incorporate and/or expand balance into current programs.

Be empowered when you understand the rationale of balance exercises and how to customize it.  Having the knowledge and understanding of what you are doing, the research that supports it and how it can benefit can help make you feel empowered and motivated to see the positive outcomes.

Our offerings/services:

Contact us to learn more about details and cost.
We can customize to best fit your needs.
  • Workshops and trainings
    • tailored to home health, medical practices, assisted living facilities, schools, day programs, parents, and community members on balance screening, safety and falls prevention
    • Clinicians, teachers, trainers can contact us if you are interested in a workshop on how to expand balance into your clinic/classroom/gym.
    • Home health training on being aware of balance deficits and how to guard and be safe with clients
    • Pilates studios/trainers looking to increase balance exercises into their programs/classes
    • Schools- train teachers on balance concepts and exercises you can easily add to your classroom. Our book, How do you Balance Like That ? It is a great starting point but we can help expand it to best fit your classroom needs.
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am – 10:30am
    • LOCATION: virtual via zoom (email for the link.
    • Each class is research based and incorporates balance, stretching, strengthening, postural awareness, coordination and gait. The class is highly aerobic and designed to help drive neuroprotection (to slow degeneration) and neuroplasticity (to change the brain and maintain old connections, form new ones and restore lost ones). To drive neuroplasticity, the classes focus on delivering exercises with the accurate intensity, specificity, difficulty and complexity. Music, the use of the metronome and Balance Matters equipment is integrated into the class to help improve performance, amplitude, speed and symmetry of movement.