Balance Matters online course


$199.00 per person


About this experience

Want to offer more creative balance training options for your clients with quicker results?

We all know balance matters, but choosing the right exercise and feedback also matters to progress balance and optimize motor performance.

Learning concepts include:

EXPAND BALANCE TRAINING with a more in depth understanding of how to be more specific and progress balance exercises with new cues and tips.

MASTER new exercise options to incorporate into your balance circuits and motivate your clients toward greater improvements.

LEARN how to design a balance exercise to be “just right” for your client to be in “Goldilocks zone.” If an exercise is too easy, your client will not see the benefits;  if it’s too hard, they may lose confidence, self-efficacy, and motivation to continue.

4 modules are introduced that include:

• A break out session for you to try different exercises (we learn by doing and can teach clients better when we feel the different exercises)

• Handouts that review the current research and links to the most updated research.

• Educational handouts that you can provide to clients.

• Videos with explanations on what to observe and cues to help train balance with progressions.

• Components of a balance task, head righting, visual scanning exercises, stepping exercises based on research, and so much more