Take6forPD to increase PD awareness

Every 6 minutes, someone will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in the U.S. This April, for Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we joined the National PD Foundation campaign #Take6ForPD – to raise Parkinson’s awareness – so people with PD and their loved ones can live Better Lives.

We added 6 special podcast interviews and shared our favorite research articles.

Take 6 minutes to read this blog, read a new article or listen to our podcast interviews on the Balance Matters podcast with PD experts from around the world. 


I am very excited to share a special podcast episode, Ask the Parkinson Expert- Take 6 for PD.  On this episode, I asked the same 2 questions to all the Parkinson experts I interviewed in April. 

When I meet with many of my clients with PD, they ask me what can I do to decrease or slow the progression of the disease?  I was curious how others would answer this question, especially how exercise can help people with Parkinsons.  So, I asked Dr. Melissa McConaghy, Josepha Domingos , John Dean, Dr. Eric Rhoden, Dr. Becky Farley, Betsy Vierck, and Catherine Ross the same question.  It was fun to hear everyone’s perspectives and definitely made me think differently and I hope provides you some new insight.

I am also impressed with all the new emerging research on PD, but the volume can be overwhelming.  So, I asked the speakers what they would recommend following that would make a difference in people’s lives?

Throughout the conversations we had some overlapping themes, as well as new and different perspectives. 

Here are 6 tips + some extra tips the experts shared to help slow the progression of the disease.


Here is a great article and webinar discussing if there is a way to slow Parkinson’s progression: ‘Can We Put the Brakes on Parkinson’s Progression? | Parkinson's Foundation’.


Various topics on research were discussed. Below are some articles on each topic.

  • Resources on best evidence (Read the research based on what you want to address.)

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